spent the day downtown with @darrr_marie looking at things and running errands. now an evening of painting and watching the rain. happy xtina.

i just met a handsome little dude named shanook. he’s not into snuggling

can’t fall back to sleep. at least i’m getting some solid spoons #singledogmom #pomeranian #summerlegs

mostly made of mayonnaise and goopy feelings

rick is not a morning person

once more for ma bb girl 😭 #lydia

smiley because sephora colourful hairspray, darlene making me lunch, and team night tonight ☺️

aunty tina brought lily home a present from church and she held it like this for like 5 minutes. she’s so sweet πŸ±πŸ’•

spent my valentines day driving all around the valley with the most special man in my life… my daddy ❀️ it’s hard being a young girl and being single and watching couples show their affection to each other, but i realized today that i don’t need a boyfriend to love, or to feel loved. i’ve been blessed with some of the most loving people in my life. happy valentines day, everyone 🌹

guys you NEED to listen to this <3